The introducing and  history  of  FARS ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION COMPANY

The FARS ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION COMPANY was registered  in Tehran With number 89244 in date of 28/12/7.considerng the removing  of this company to another place in 18/7/71 it was registered again in shiraz registry office with number 5240.According to articles of association the activities of this company conclude : buying and selling energy and branching out electricity/development / optimization/ exploitation/repairing and maintenance from network and Installations of electrical power distribution .

The operating domain of this company which covered 103000 km.contain21 subcompanies that are : abadeh / estahban/ eghlid / bavanat / jahrom/ khorambid/ darab/rostam/zarindasht/fasa/ firoozabad/farashband /khonj/kazeroon/gerash/lar/ lamerd/ mamasani/ neyriz/ ghir and mohr.